USB – Vegan Leather


Set of wooden block Type USBs

Vegan leather16gb USB style // customiseable with  name // Logo



  • Customisation?

    This area is for personalising the boxes with your couples names ( initials work best on smaller boxes) and or your companies text logo.. Please provide your couples names or initials in the box below and a version of your logo that will fit well at the bottom of the lid, the logo will be small, so nothing too intricate! (Text logos or web addresses work well) if your just wanting the logo, there's an option for that below!

    Would you like to engrave couples names ?

    • Remember if adding couples' names, to write them as you would like it displayed... for example, Sarah & Ian or Sarah and Ian.
    • If adding a date, this will be placed central and under the names.
    • You can choose a quote, or sentence if names are not required.
    • separate multiple couple names with a coma 

    Choose the typeface for couples names or text?

    Font choice one

    Font choice two

    Font choice three

    Font choice four

    Font choice five

    Font choice six

    Font choice seven

    Would you like Your logo on box?

    Your logo will be added to the BOTTOM of lid by default if you have included couples names.. If you prefer LOGO only this will be central on lid.

    Reset options